Track systems for sound insulated movable walls

Optimised proprietary developments for each requirement

BLS' proprietary track and roller systems are characterized by their very good and long-lasting running characteristics. They are particularly low-maintenance and quiet. This ensures that the elements can easily be moved.

The track design allows for a visible installation or it may be fully integrated into the suspended ceiling. Ceiling profiles ensure a clean transition to the ceiling.

BLS Track Type 1

Track type 1 is the designated type for the technological implementation of a 1-point-suspension. It is characterised by a slim design of only 98 mm in width, as well as very good running characteristics due to the quadruple roller carrier.

BLS Track Type 2.2

Track type 2.2 is the best solution for movable walls with two-point-suspension and, in particular, for heavy elements and complicated operating circumstances. As a matter of principle, all T-switches and intersections are furnished with supporting track rollers to effectively protect the roller carrier from bagging or getting stuck. In addition, the running surfaces of the cross-roller carriers are equipped with a synthetics coating that guarantees an almost noiseless operation.

BLS Track Type 5.2

Track type 5.2 allows the elements to be moved in almost every angle. Because of the tapered bearing surface of the twin rollers and their special synthetics material, both friction and operation noise is reduced to a minimum. This track is used for 2-point-suspension.

Stacking areas

Different versions to compare for your application

Stacking positions that are adapted to the respective room situation allow the elements to be parked in a space-saving manner. 


Elements in two or more packages 

Elements in an “H” stacking area

Elements in a niche or built-in closet

Elements parallel to the movable wall

Elements in front of another wall