Details and Examples


Element width: 600-1500 mm
Element height:  up to 6000 mm
With horizontal joint:  from 3050 mm
Element thickness:
Rw,P 46 dB to Rw,P 57 dB - 100 mm
Rw,P 59 dB - 120 mm

Element joint: 3 mm
Floor / ceiling joint: 20 mm
Clear height door: 2100 mm
(Standard height)

BLS movable sound-insulating wall

Element types

Telescopic element:
Last element for closing the system. The telescopic element is flush with the rest of the surface.
It is operated on one side on the surface.

Full wall panel
The locking of the element is performed with the upper and lower sealing profiles. In the semi-automatic variant, the sealing profiles are extended automatically and the elements only need to be placed.

Corner element:
A corner element can be provided as a T-element of 90° or as a L-element of 90° to 180°.

Door element:
The door element may be 1-wing, 2-wing or with a fixed door stop. The door handle is a flush gym mount of satin brushed stainless steel. The door is furnished with an automatically lowering floor seal.

Element with glazing:
The element is available with either a rectangular or round glass section in combination with sound insulating glazing.