The most important details – for a fully automated drive!

With proprietary belt drive

  • Budget-friendly alternative –
    our belt drive system only requires two electric motors in total,
    in contrast to the more complex single-motor drive
  • Low-maintenance and reliable –
    high reliability through few mechanical and electrical parts
  • Practical –
    possible for routes of the wall in either a linear, segmented, angled or curved layout.
  • Quiet – virtually noise-free moving of the glass elements
  • Lower guidance of the elements in a bottom guide made of stainless steel
  • Low installation height of the track of 80 mm and of the drive from 110 mm
  • No access opening required in the course of the axis
  • Tested and certified by TÜV
  • User-friendly – electric lock of the entire system by means of a key switch
  • Application of a custom-programmable automation device,
    which can also be used for further in-house applications,
    e.g. connection to your building management system
  • Error analysis via remote diagnosis
  • It is also possible to manually move the elements at any time.
  • Safety glass in ESG or in VSG of 2 x semi-tempered glass (TVG)
  • Height of upper and lower profiles only 100 mm, no visible screw connections, made of aluminum, surface anodized or powdered
  • Guiding and stacking tracks made of aluminum, with ceiling connection profile
  • All invisible fasteners are galvanised or rustproof