Details and Examples


Element width: 500-1300 mm
Element height:  up to 4000 mm
(max. element size 4.9 m²)
More sizes on demand

System weight:         
ESG 12 mm  approx. 35 kg/m²
VSG 14 mm  approx. 40 kg/m²


Element joint: 4 mm
Ceiling joint: 20 mm
Floor joint: 7 mm
Element thickness: 36 mm
Profile height: 100 mm
Stainless steel floor track: 25/19/25/2

Movable glass wall BLS Diamant

Element types

Pivotable end panel:
Locking is performed via a floor lock that locks the entire system. Instead of a floor lock, a centred door lock with strike box, a shooting bar lock or a motor lock may also be used.
With a fully automated drive, the locking is done automatically.

Standard element:
With this element, the locking is performed via front or face locks. If a floor track is used, it takes over the guidance and locking of the individual elements to the floor.

Movable door element:
This element type is intended for manual operation. It provides quick and easy passage through the closed partition wall. We offer the movable door element with the following operating items: centred door lock with a handle set and a strike box in the neighbouring element, or a bar handle with floor lock as a swing door. The door has a built-in door closer and a locking unit to fix the door while moving. The fixation of the elements is performed with sleeves in the floor.

Door with frame:
The framed door is designated both for manual and fully automated drive. The framed door can be realised with a centred door lock or as a swing door with bar handle.

Corner element:
The corner element is required to build corners in a glass wall. In the case of a 90 degree corner, it is realised with a square profile. With corners from 90 to 180 degrees, the element edge can be realised with a round tube or as normal glass.

End element:
This is a standard element with an additional aluminum end profile.