Glass – a fascinating material

BLS Diamant and BLS Emerald are available in the following glass options:

VSG – Laminated safety glass made of 2 x semi-tempered glass (TVG), thickness 14 mm

  • Passive safety glazing:
    provides a significant reduction of injury from broken glass
    because there are virtually no sharp splinters of glass.
  • Preservation of the function:
    A glass element of 2 x TVG that was damaged, for example, by outside influence, has a residue load rating or stability even after partial destruction. It continues to offer passive and active safety because its function and evenness are kept for a certain period of time.
    Thus, an emergency glazing or additional safety monitoring is not mandatory.
    This contrasts with tempered safety glass (ESG), where the damaged pane of the element falls apart and the element is no longer ready for use.
  • Active safety glazing with break-resistant glass: 
    The effective protection against violent breakthrough is defined in classes and is based on a combination of glass and a tough elastic inner layer.
  • Resistance grade P3A according to Standard DIN EN 356
  • Surface weight of the glass: approx. 35 kg/sqm

ESG – tempered safety glass, thickness 12 mm

  • Usual float glass forms sharp glass fragments when broken. By contrast, when the tension is destroyed at ESG, the result is a close-meshed net of small, usually dull-edged pieces. In the case of a break, the risk of injury is reduced significantly.
  • Since ESG is a monolithic glazing, it basically has no break-resistant, fall-resistant and burglar-resistant properties.
  • Surface weight of the glass: approx. 30 kg/sqm

Glass design options

With clear glass as a basis, BLS uses all modern techniques of glass design in cooperation with the glass- and glass-processing industries. The most common version is currently

a reversible film decor. However, a screen printing in an etching tone, sandblasting with optional
sealing, digital printing as a dew printing technology or artistic designs are also possible based on your wishes.

We will be happy to implement your ideas!