Track systems for glass partition walls

Optimised proprietary developments for each requirement

BLS' proprietary track and roller systems are characterized by their very good and long-lasting running characteristics. They are particularly low-maintenance and quiet.


The track design allows for a visible installation or it may be fully integrated into the suspended ceiling. Ceiling profiles ensure a clean transition to the ceiling.

BLS Track Type 7

In this self-guiding track system, the carriers slide with their steel rollers on round polyamide bars. With the combination of steel rollers and high-strength polyamide, moving the elements is nearly soundless. A positive guidance of the roller carriers is reached through additional guided steel ball bearings. As a consequence, operating errors when moving the panels can be excluded.


The track can be installed in either a linear, segmented, angled or curved layout.

BLS Track Type 7 with fully automated belt drive

The properties of track type 7 also provide ideal conditions for fully automated operation. For this purpose, a revolutionary, patented drive system was developed.
BLS belt drive.


For moving the elements, only 2 drive motors are required in total. Because of this, amongst other things, no access openings are required in the travelling section. Due to the track's low installation height of only 80 mm, it is possible to install the track into the ceiling, even when there is only little suspension.

BLS Track Type 5.2

Track type 5.2 allows the elements to be moved in almost every angle. Because of the tapered bearing surface of the twin rollers and their special synthetic material, both friction and operation noise are reduced to a minimum.

Stacking areas

The best solution for any room layout with BLS

Stacking positions that are adapted to the respective room situation allow for a space-saving parking of the elements.