BLS Diamant

Movable glass walls realised with competence

Glass is a symbol for openness and ease.

It makes rooms full of light flow together.

Our movable full-glass systems guarantee boundless transparency and their elegance captivates through tiny and specifically developed functional elements.

They are custom-manufactured and tailored to measure. Thus, they match perfectly to any room layout.

This way, our movable glass walls are versatile and can often be found in banks to separate the self-service zone and the consulting area, or in churches and other public areas where a “proximity to the people” is desired.

The BLS Diamant can be realised with either manual or fully-automated handling.

With clear glass as a basis, BLS uses all modern techniques of glass design in cooperation with the glass- and glass-processing industries.
A reversible film decor is currently the most common version.
However, a screen printing in an etching tone, sandblasting with optional sealing, as well as artistic designs are also possible according to your wishes.

Consulting Inclusive

We are happy to help you with your planning and to answer your questions about our movable wall systems.

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